Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

In the article Should What You Say on Social Media Be Grounds for Getting Fired, by Michael Gonchar, it states that a teacher named Christine Rubino was fired after posting a rude message on social media, and I believe that what they did was the correct choice. If you post something on social media, it SHOULD be used to decide if you should get kicked out of an extra curricular activity or a job. I believe this because if someone is bullying another person, this means that they could bully everyone else in the group, which might lead them to have a very low self esteem. Having a low self esteem could affect how they work in the group and could get THEM kicked off the group instead of the person who caused this in the first place. A person should also be kicked off an extra curricular activity if they post inappropriate photos or messages. This is a sign that they might say or mention inappropriate conversations to other people and that is unacceptable, especially if the group is made up of children. A person should also be kicked off of an extra curricular activity if they post photos of illegal activities. For example, if someone posted a picture of them using illegal drugs, they might offer these drugs to other people in the group, and if they take the drugs it could mess with their entire life. Social media is a very good place to get information about someone, since many people do not think before they post and this is the consequence.

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