My Camp Club!

For my 20% project, my group is going to teach kids at an elementary school different skills that they may need to learn when going camping.

I feel very hyped for this project! I feel this way because in our project we will be breaking up into “squads” and each one of our group members will be teaching or leading that squad. I can’t WAIT to be able to teach them! I am also feeling a bit scared. I don’t want the kids to think that our project is boring and I REALLY hope that they have fun. I guess I’m a bit scared of disappointing them? The last thing that I am feeling is powerful. Yes, it’s a weird emotion to be feeling right at this moment, but I feel this way because I get to lead students, tell them what to do, and teach them new things. Yes, it sounds bad, but I’m not going to be strict or anything. I just want to have fun with them!

Some of the goals that my group wants to reach is to have at least 20 kids by February 16. We will reach this by designing and printing (Flyer designs are due on December 30) out flyers talking about our project and how you can join our club. Another major goal that we would like to reach is for the kids to enjoy our camp. We will acomplish this goal by making sure that our group doesn’t bore the kids to death by talking less and not to be so controlling. Finally my last major goal is for the kids to learn something new and teach, show it off, or use the new skill that they learned. We will accomplish this goal by making sure that we teach the kids fun and interesting skills , that don’t necessarily have to be important, that are cool and maybe other kids might be amazed and want to learn how to do it.

Anyways, that’s it!

See my Visual Aide for more information.

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