Giving Credit And Why It’s Important

Activity 1: Giving credit is VERY important, for example, if you’re making an essay and you cite a quote from another source, then you need to give credit to the website or else you are plagiarizing. Plagiarizing can get you in trouble ESPECIALLY if you are publishing something, which can get you into legal trouble. Plagiarizing means to copy something from another source and calling it your own. Sometimes, though, you don’t even say it’s your’s, but you STILL need to give credit or else you’re technically plagiarizing. Some of the things that you need to give credit are pictures, quotes, information, videos, and music. To give credit to these things, you need to cite the URL. What does it mean to cite the URL? Well, that means to go up to the address bar of the source of where you got the information, video, or quote from and highlight. Then you need to click copy and then paste it into your document or slideshow or whatever you are using.

Activity 2:

Boloria eunomia, Bog fritillaryCreative Commons License Artur Rydzewski via Compfight

There is a little butterfly

With orange and white square patterns

And is feeling quite tense

So she sits on this leaf


She feels relaxed now

As calm as ever

She feels quite better now

Thanks to the leaf




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